Making Dance Happen, Happen!

Making Dance Happen, Happen!

Making Dance Happen, Happen! 

Tomorrow Emily and I fly to Peru. It’s been a long journey already and I’m sure Emily is going to thoroughly enjoy the 20 hours of WHAT WAS THAT NOISE? She had been told to pour tequila down me and I’m sure I’ll be a treat to be around ;).

I would like to use this first blog post to make you understand that this journey has been a tough one, but also that it’s a journey worth taking.

… And that journey starts with me (and you, if you’ve ever been alive). I’d like to warn you, that this piece of writing is brutally honest and if you only want a sugarcoated recap, then go watch some cat videos.

Towards the end of 2014 I had had enough. I had been working in an industry that paid the bills, but I grew tired of it. I had wallowed in hideous, disastrous, damaging relationships and saw my closest friends move and grow. Away from me. My head and body was tired. You could say I was a poster girl for a quarter life crisis and I had had enough.

So I quit my job and went to Ghana. Well, it didn’t quite happen like that – there was a lot more work behind it, but linguistically that sentence gets the point across. So I quit my job and went to Ghana. Something changed on that trip. Perhaps it was the courage of the leaders who took me on board or perhaps it was something in the spirit of the people I met. I returned with new courage and with a group of new friends who didn’t just think I was crazy, they KNEW I was crazy – but they were crazy too and they wanted to come along for the ride.

I started planning. At first it was a few emails back and forth. Then stuff happened and in turn, nothing happened. Actually, loads happened, but again it’s all about the linguistics here.

Then, Making Dance Happen, happened. I gained collaborators, I lost collaborators and I nearly gave up. Then I gained collaborators and nearly gave up. Then we got a logo. Then my collaborators didn’t give up, but they did. I nearly gave up again and then I got new collaborators, who nearly gave up

(The point is, we didn’t give up. And if you’ve ever been alive, neither should you)

It’s now 2016 and tomorrow we travel to Peru to dance with the people of Chincha Alta. We do this off our own backs, with tickets bought with our own savings. We didn’t get the Arts Council funding, we didn’t get any flight sponsorships and we’ve had to risk jobs, houses and money to get on that plane. We do this because we believe in something, and for us that is Dance. I think we are quite lucky to have found something we are wiling to risk so much for, don’t you?

Cynics will think we think we think can change the world by dancing. We know we can’t change the world by dancing. Instead, we know that by enriching other people’s lives we can create a better future for all and only then, we stand a chance at changing the world.

(The cynics have clearly never danced)

Some days I’m still tired. Being alive is tiring and it can be a very lonely existence. I think it is really important that we talk about this. People lie to you and people hurt you. Some days I wonder if I can deal with more bad reviews, with more rejections in my inbox and with more nights alone, because my oversensitive “Artist” lifestyle renders me near impossible to date (told you it was brutally honest, but then again I’m known for pretentiously wallowing in my own emotional ambition and I’d rather be the first one to laugh about it)

I have made it my mission to educate the public about the intelligence of Dance and so I will go and do just that. Because I have seen it work. I have seen people love through dance. I have heard souls healing through dance. People smile when they dance and Dance has made me believe in our world again. In this blog, I will try and show you too. Then, if you could show your friends, that would be great!

I have no other way of finishing this post. So I’ll leave you with my favourite quote:

“What makes the desert beautiful,’ said the little prince, ‘is that somewhere it hides a well…”

― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Let’s DO this!


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  • Vanina

    Hello, muy name is Vanina, I am tango dancer and I live un Buenos Aires, Argentina. I would like to meet you. When do you come to Buenos Aires?